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The Klipper Group

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We are a  family of companies with core business interests in chemistry and physics.
  • Run by scientists and consultants.
  • Respected for technical competence-a true leader with innovation.
  • Providing customized, comprehensive solutions and visitation programs for each customer.
We are a youthful firm with over 50 years combined experience in business development, process engineering, chemical formulation research, technical visitation service, marketing, consulting, training, chemical applications, visitation management, and emergency-service response. The major markets served with this experience include Textiles, Commercial Laundry (Linen Supply, Industrial, Healthcare, Hospitality, On Premise and Shirt), Warewashing and Food Service Sanitation, Janitorial and Housekeeping, and Water Treatment (including water, wastewater and boiler treatment).

This wide-ranging experience enables each Klipper Group team member to fulfill many corporate roles. These roles provide each team member with greater depth of problem-solving knowledge and team resources for our clients.

Our youthful, flexible outlook coupled with our varied backgrounds enables the methodical approach that challenges the "standard" and embraces new methods and technologies. This approach blurs the lines between vendor and consultant, between operator and supplier. The Klipper Group provides a true alternative approach.

Klipper Group is the cohesive umbrella under which Klipper Chemtrol Corporation, Textile Solutions, Klipper Ventures, and KIPCO interact and compliment each other's strengths and expertise at all times.

Headquartered in Jericho, NY, the Klipper Group has serviced clients throughout the United States. Our solution capabilities are both extensive and equally diverse.

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