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Michael Klipper
CEO & President

Michael Klipper, Chief Executive Officer and President of Klipper Group, never had any intentions of being a detergent chemist. Accepted to Medical School and having an extensive chemistry background, Michael was introduced to the commercial laundry industry in 1980, and immediately embarked to utilize alternative chemical concepts to problem solve and address the needs of a new generation of laundry washing equipment in the United States, the counterflow tunnel washer (continuous batch washer). Unfamiliar with the foreign language spoken by the equipment manufacturer's chemical engineers, Michael communicated in "molecular structures" to understand the principles of the design. Quickly recognizing the need to "Americanize" the European process, he altered the recommended instructions of chemical and water usages, eventually becoming recognized as a proficient expert with an array of tunnel washer designs.

Knowing that the "Utopic" laundry operation did not exist, Michael took the laboratory to the Wash Aisle for practical application development of alternative products rather than try to research and develop in an "ivory tower". "Forgiving" chemical products were developed that enabled the laundry operator to set quality standards. Whether it was enzymes, ozone, or low temperature surfactant chemistry, Michael has been recognized as a developmental leader.

Today, the Klipper Group continues to be called upon by end users, manufacturers, and proprietors in diversified markets, seeking assistance to problem solve with an "Alternative" approach.

Over the years, Michael has been called upon by NAILM, TRSA, IAHTM, and IIL organizations, has been engaged by many private companies, and is known for his many contributions to trade publications. Michael co-authored the rewrite of Textile Laundry Technology along with Dr. Charles Riggs. This 400+ page text book is commonly referred to as "the bible" for the commercial and industrial laundry industries.  Additionally, Michael has served on many industry committees over the years.

David Klipper
Technical Administrator

The Klipper Group has appointed David Klipper as Technical Administrator.  David came to the Klipper Group after his pursuit in Business Administration.  After joining the Klipper Group, he commenced his study of chemistry and has spent the past several years working "in the field" where he has become very adapt to providing end user customers with problem solving chemical applications.


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