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  • Procurement Advice :
    • Able to assist clients in specification/configuration process.
    • Provide assessment of purchased items.
  • Comprehensive process engineering analysis:
    • Cost Optimization, Equipment Efficiency, Labor Assessment, Employee Training.
    • Third Party Assignment
  • Boilers
    • Analysis of water softeners, boiler chemistry, condensate systems and deposits.
    • Boilers chemistry, efficiency and combustion studies.
    • Formulation and implementation of individual treatment programs.
    • Scheduled monitoring and formal reporting.
  • Waste Treatment
    • Sludge processing and de-watering capabilities.
    • Analysis of defoamers, heavy metal and laundry split bench treatments.
    • Plant treatment methods, water re-use and chemical feed efficiency.
    • Laboratory support and system design.
  • Detailed chemistry analysis.
  • Water and Energy
    • Conservation and Reuse Application
  • Professional performance service activities include:
  • Pre-call planning
Innovative Chemistry
  • Recognized leader in product innovation
  • Consolidation of Chemistries
  • Environmentally friendly solutions

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